Consultoría Lumínica is certified ECODESIGN

The Environment European Awards to the Enterprise 2009-2010

In the ambitious plan of being the lighting design firm No 1 from Spain, Consultoría Lumínica strengthens its steps certified as the first lighting company with the UNE 150 301 ecodesign stamp issued by AENOR, Spanish Association Standardization and Certification.

This license requires the study of lighting to identify the environmental impacts that occur in all phases of projects to do, and try to minimize them without thereby impairing its quality.
The study has been very pleased with the achievement of this innovative recognition, which is under the intrinsic values of the brand: to protect the environment and combat climate change.
Thanks to this recognition Consultoría Lumínica is a milestone in the industry, becoming the first studio lighting with a product management system and certified by AENOR in ecodesign.